Relaxed Performances

Connecting deeply and authentically with neurodiverse audiences

At Atlantic, we are are committed to creating an environment that is open and welcoming to all. We currently hold four Relaxed Performances each season – two for each of our Atlantic for Kids productions: one for public school groups and one for the general public. Relaxed Performances offer accommodations for people who benefit from a more relaxed theater-going environment —including but not limited to those with autism, sensory or communication disabilities, or developmental disabilities.

Upcoming Events

Our most recent Relaxed Performance for Atlantic for Kids production of El Otro Oz took place on Saturday, February 10, 2024 at 10:30am.

What to Expect

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All patrons are welcome. In order to make our shows more accessible, we will adapt these productions in the following ways:

  • Sound in the production will be lowered and any sudden, loud noises during the show will be modified.
  • Lights in the seating area will be dimmed rather than fully dark during the performance.
  • A relaxed atmosphere allows patrons to talk and vocalize as they wish, as well as leave and re-enter the seating area as needed.
  • A quiet, calm space will be available in the lobby with fidget toys if patrons need a quiet place to relax. Fidgets and some noise canceling headphones will be available during the show. We encourage you to bring your own as well.
  • A gender-neutral family restroom will be provided.
  • No ‘Shushing’ during the show. We welcome everyone to enjoy the show in the way that is most comfortable to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I prepare for the show?

  • Check out the Seating Guide below
  • Watch our Welcome to Atlantic Stage 2 video here
  • Read our El Otro Oz social narrative here
  • Please note: our Atlantic for Kids productions are general admission seating. The house opens 30 minutes prior to each performance time.

What should I bring to the show?

If you use ear defenders or have a particular fidget you like best, bring them along!

Who Should I contact for additional questions?

If you have additional questions about the relaxed performance, please contact our general marketing email, and we will forward it along to the appropriate party.

Interested? get in touch

Are you interested in bringing a group of students to an upcoming Relaxed Performance, or attending yourself? Feel free to email us at to learn more.