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The Last of the Love Letters
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The Last of the Love Letters

by Ngozi Anyanwu
directed by Patricia McGregor

Linda Gross Theater

August 26 – september 26, 2021

Atlantic is trilled to welcome back 2020 Steinberg Playwright Award winner Ngozi Anyanwu (The Homecoming Queen) to open its season with this haunting world premiere!

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two people contemplate the thing they love the most
and whether
to stick it out
or to leave it behind
to stay
to go
that is the question
the last of the love letters
is just that
a plea
and a painful goodbye wrapped into one

Running time: approximately 75 minutes, with no intermission.

Please Note: This production contains strobe-like effects, violence, sexual content, and incense.


We are providing a digital program for The Last of the Love Letters.

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“Ngozi Anyanwu is developing new forms! In The Last of the Love Letters, passion is inescapable. With bold staging by McGregor, Anyanwu delivers a furious comic diatribe & Watts gives a thrillingly physical performance. Both are operatic types, making arias out of their affection & abhorrence!”

Jesse green, The New York Times


“In her career, Ngozi Anyanwu has displayed remarkable gifts for storytelling! The Last of the Love Letters is both more intimate & more ambitious. And under Patricia McGregor’s direction, she is captivating!”

Thom Geier, The Wrap



“Both Anyanwu & Watts are magnetic performers; under McGregor’s taut direction, they instantly draw viewers! There’s a radical kind of comfort in coming together again to find reassurance that none of us is alone, even when we are.”

naveen kuman, new york theatre guide

“Floats from high poetry to conversational wit! Anyanwu’s delivery is lyrical & grounded. I’m delighted a theater full of strangers can finally breathe together.”

Hayley levitt, theatermania



“A muscularly poetic outcry. In Watts’ performing, something astonishing unfolds. His hyperkinetic athleticism—Olympic—has rarely, if ever, been unleashed on a stage! Anyanwu’s impassioned probe is a stunning addition to the annals of playwriting gazes at love and its infinite possibilities.”

David finkle, new york stage review


“Brilliant! Anyanwu’s words land somewhere between poetry, heated rant & drunken triple-text. It’s an explosive combination & one that demands further work from her!”

juan a. ramirez, theaterly


“A richly packed powerhouse of a show. My advice: Get there while you can for this hard-hitting must-see show.”

Deb Miller, DC Metro Theater Arts

deb miller, dc metro theater arts



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Photos by Ahron R. Foster.