★★★★ World Premiere Musical book by Joshua Harmon & Sarah Silverman lyrics by Adam Schlesinger & Sarah Silverman music by Adam Schlesinger creative consultant David Yazbek choreographed by Byron Easley directed by Anne Kauffman “Clever, comic, splendid.” — Alexis Soloski, The Guardian

The Bedwetter

book by Joshua Harmon & Sarah Silverman

lyrics by Adam Schlesinger & Sarah Silverman

music by Adam Schlesinger


choreographed by Byron Easley

directed by Anne Kauffman


Extended thru July 10, 2022!

Linda Gross Theater

Meet Sarah. She’s funny. She’s dirty. She’s 10. And she’s got a secret that you’ll never guess (unless you read the title).

More Info

Originally set to premiere in the spring of 2020, we are pleased to announce new dates for The Bedwetter, a highly-anticipated new musical based on the bestselling memoir by Sarah Silverman, written with Joshua Harmon (Bad Jews), and featuring a sensational final score by our late friend Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne).

Run time: Approximately 2 hours, with a brief intermission.

Please note: This production includes haze, strobe lights, adult language, and themes relating to suicide.

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“A potty-mouthed pleasure.”



“Excellent writing and cutting zingers, The Bedwetter absolutely goes for it! Silverman’s voice is ringingly present and savagely witty in the musical’s book.”

tim teeman, The daily beast


“Not only is The Bedwetter inventive, it is a beautiful, provocative showcase of dynamic female characters. Silverman should be extremely proud of the piece she has created, it poignantly unveils the realities of what it’s really like when a girl grows up. A two-hour carnival ride of a musical!”

ana zambrana, Did they like it?



Go out of your way to see The Bedwetter!”

Steven Suskin, new york stage review


Wickedly funny and altogether endearing. Nearly non-stop laughter for two hours straight. A hilarious, heartwarming crowd-pleaser. Utterly delightful!”

Erin kahn, stage buddy


Makes the audience laugh so hard at times that they might literally pee their pants!”

brian scott lipton, citi tour NY


“Clever, comic, splendid. Like a good mattress it has both bounce and genuine heft. An adroit musical that treats the emotional life of a child with the complexity and the seriousness it deserves.”

Alexis soloski, The Guardian


Hilarious and filthy new musical! The late Schlesinger should be here to experience the waves of laughter that ripple through the audience. Kauffman guides everyone in the cast towards specific, side-splitting performances.”

david gordon, theatermania



“Not only one of the funniest but also the sweetest shows in town. The Bedwetter features a roster of heavyweight talents, both on and offstage.”

frank scheck, new york stage review


It’s hard not to walk out of the theater with a bounce in your step, not only because of the irreverent humor and the upbeat musical numbers, but because the show makes a big, splashy plea for all of us to be unapologetically ourselves.”

Pamela newton, American Theatre

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Video by Tim Grady.
Photos by Ahron R. Foster.
Rehearsals photographed and filmed at the NEW 42ND STREET Studios.

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