★★★★ "A devastating examination of a woman scorned." — Time Out New York “Blue Ridge deals courageously in hard, sad human truths, the kind of metastasized stuff that might take a lifetime to heal.” — New York Magazine

Blue Ridge

by Abby Rosebrock
directed by Taibi Magar

Linda Gross Theater

December 12, 2018 – January 27, 2019

Set in Southern Appalachia, Blue Ridge is a pitch-dark comedy about heartbreak, hell-raising and healing by Abby Rosebrock (Dido of Idaho, Atlantic Launch commissionee), directed by Obie Award winner Taibi Magar (Is God IsThe Great Leap).

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A progressive high-school teacher with a rage problem retaliates against her unscrupulous boss and is sentenced to six months at a church-sponsored halfway house, where she attends to everyone’s recovery but her own.

Running time: Approximately 2 hours including intermission.


“Marin Ireland brings down the halfway house in Blue Ridge, steered with a steady hand by the fast-rising Ms. Magar. One of New York theater’s most inspired & entertaining interpreters, Ms. Ireland pours mesmerizing energy & inventiveness into Alison’s wrecking-ball antics. Her admirers won’t leave the theater hungry.”

Ben Brantley, New York Times


★★★★ Recommended!

“A devastating examination of how even smart, strong women can be deformed by a society that raises them to please. Marin Ireland is seething & sexy. Rosebrock beautifully fleshes out all the characters, who come from diverse ethnic, economic and spiritual backgrounds.”

Raven Snook, Time Out New York


“A beguiling new dramedy with an excellent cast. It all feels chillingly true to life.”

Zachary Stewart, TheaterMania

Blue Ridge  deals courageously in hard, sad human truths, the kind of metastasized stuff that might take a lifetime to heal. Rosebrock’s unsentimental insight and the ensemble’s raw fearlessness make it sting, and Ireland makes it stick.”

Sara Holdren, New York Magazine


“A funny & scintillating new play. The remarkable Marin Ireland delivers a big, inventive performance as one of the smartest characters on the New York stage. You can’t take your eyes off her.”

Robert Hofler, The Wrap


“A drama studded with comedy; both tough & clear-sighted, warm & very funny. Blue Ridge is a snapshot of lives in transition, with no neat ending but an insistence that honesty with yourself is the most important first step to becoming as near as possible to healthy again.”

Tim Teeman, The Daily Beast


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Photos by Ahron R. Foster