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DEAH HARRIOTT (Piano). Off-Broadway debut. A classically trained musician and pianist from the age of three.  Recipient of the prestigious Mayor’s Art Award, Cultural Celebration (Nebraska). She is most recently an honoree and recipient of the Concerned Women of Brooklyn Inc.’s Outstanding Leadership Award where she was recognized for her contributions to the community of Brooklyn, NY. Ms. Harriott toured throughout the Midwest with her gospel group Deah Harriott & Images. Currently she is the minister of music at Bethany Baptist Church of Brooklyn and is the Music Director at two other NY-area churches, specializing in piano and organ (Hammond and pipe), with focuses in classical, gospel, jazz, and R&B. Favorite accomplishments include conducting the Tony Award winning musical “The Wiz,” and the studio project “Sacrifice,” by gospel music group Deah Harriott & Images which she wrote and produced, and is currently available online. She is also a featured artist on the inspirational project Gerald Jones Presents: Independent Spirit (released fall of 2015) which includes Deah’s inspirational single “Answer With Praise”. Her joys in life are PEOPLE, COOKING, LAUGHTER and LOVE, and she is the proud mother of two (canines), Jackson Thomas and Mr. Bentley James.