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14/15 Season

Atlantic Theater Company  is thrilled to announce its 2014 – 2015 season productions, featuring world premiere productions from Hunter Bell, Eli Bolin, and Lee Overtree, Halley Feiffer, Rajiv Joseph and Doug Wright, an American premiere from Moira Buffini and a revival from Atlantic’s founder David Mamet.

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World Premiere Musical
music and original lyrics by ELI BOLIN
based on the Found books and magazines by DAVY ROTHBART
additional material created in collaboration with STORY PIRATES
directed by LEE OVERTREE
SEPT 18 – NOV 9, 2014


“I think there’s a magic in the found notes – you find a little scrap of paper blowing down the street, or the floor of the city bus and it gives you this really incredible window into this other person’s life.”-Davy Rothbart, Co-creator and Editor of FOUND Magazine


FOUND isn’t just based on a true story, it’s based on hundreds of them. From the Tony-nominated co-creator of [title of show] and the creative team of the nationally renowned Story Pirates, Atlantic Theater Company is proud to present this vibrant new musical.

FOUND was created from scores of surprising and eccentric discarded notes and letters that have been “found” in the real world by every-day people. Inspired by actual events, the show follows Davy who, along with his two best friends, is lost and broke. When he finds a strangely revealing note on his windshield meant for someone else, it sparks an outlandish idea that finds him and his compatriots on a wild, comedic journey. This raucous and insightful new musical tells a story of ambition, betrayal and loyalty while celebrating the weirdness in all of us.


American Premiere 
by Moira Buffini
a free adaptation of The Suicide by Nikolai Erdman
directed by Neil Pepe
Linda Gross Theater
DEC 17 – JAN 25, 2015


“Buffini’s voice is distinctively dark yet dazzlingly funny.”-The Guardian


DYING FOR IT is the story of Semyon, a man down on his luck, married to a nag, and out of options. When he decides to throw in the towel and kill himself, a deluge of sympathetic visitors descends upon him, determined to make him a martyr for their many causes. Swept up in the firestorm of attention, Semyon does take matters into his own hands, but not quite in the fashion that everyone expects. An outrageous satire on the hypocrisy and illogic of Soviet life, this play was banned by Stalin before it ever saw the light of day, and is now regarded as an under-known 20th century classic comedy.

World Premiere
by Halley Feiffer
directed by Trip Cullman
Atlantic Stage 2
JAN 7 – FEB 8, 2015


“Ms. Feiffer, an actress and a writer, is building a reputation for fearlessness!” -The New York Times


Ella is a precocious and fiercely competitive actress whose sole aim in life is making her famous playwright father David proud. Over the course of a boozy, drug-fueled evening, Ella and David deliberate over whether to read the reviews of her off-Broadway debut… and things unravel from there. Halley Feiffer’s dark, probing and very funny new play pulls the audience into the middle of a deeply complicated relationship and sheds new light on the eternal struggles of parents and children to find common ground.


World Premiere
written and directed by Doug Wright
Linda Gross Theater

FEB 25 – APRIL 5, 2015

“Wright’s plays burst with an outrageous and quirky imagination!” -The Village Voice


Norway’s most celebrated sculptor is commissioned to create the last official portrait of her most famous writer, but Henrik Ibsen proves to be an irascible, contentious sitter, as the two men wage war over his legacy and his likeness.  With his inimitable wit and insight, Doug Wright explores the nature of artistic success and the fear of being forgotten.


World Premiere
by Rajiv Joseph
Linda Gross Theater

MAY 6 – JUNE 14, 2015

“Joseph’s voice must be recognized as a major one!” – NY Magazine


In 1648 India, two Imperial Guards watch from their post as the sun rises for the first time on the newly-completed Taj Mahal- an event that shakes their respective worlds.  When they are ordered to perform an unthinkable task, the aftermath forces them to question the concept of friendship, beauty and duty, and changes them forever.


by David Mamet
directed by Scott Zigler
Atlantic Stage 2

MAY 27 – JUNE 21 , 2015

“A beautifully crafted piece of work, with a sharp, hurting edge! Mamet’s spinning of the yarn is ingenious, and his control of the sounds and rhythms of dialogue has never been more awesome!” -The Chicago Tribune


THE SHAWL is the story of bereaved woman who consults a smalltime mystic for guidance. As the mystic collects clues to make contact with the dearly departed, will he help this woman through her grief, or merely help himself?


In PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, a railroad car speeding through the Wisconsin night is the setting for a story of obsessive jealousy, murder and suicide, punctuated by a friendly card game that explodes into a moment of menace.


book, music, and lyrics by Scott Elmegreen
based on the books by Annie Barrows, illustrated by Sophie Blackall
Linda Gross Theater

OCT 18- NOV 9, 2014

Based on the New York Times best-selling children’s book series by author Annie Barrows and illustrator Sophie Blackall, Ivy & Bean, The Musical is the story of an unexpected friendship between two very different second graders. The moment they saw each other, Bean and Ivy knew they would never like each other. Bean is loud and wild and goofy. Ivy is quiet and full of ideas. But when Bean plays a joke on her sister, and needs a place to hide, Ivy comes to the rescue. When the two become a team, there’s mischief and laughter at every turn—along with lessons to be learned about the challenges and joy of family, friendship, and love.


“Ivy + Bean” is presented through special arrangement with and all authorized performance materials are supplied by Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW), 570 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2100, New York, NY 10018. (866) 378-9758

music and lyrics by Grammy® Award® nominee  Lisa Loeb (Stay)Michelle Lewis and Dan Petty
book by Cusi Cram and Peter Hirsch
Linda Gross Theater
MARCH 21- APRIL 12, 2015


Following the misadventures of Jenny Jenkins, an awkward and adorable 12-year old kid, Camp Kappawanna portrays the fear and excitement of leaving home for the first time. This lighthearted musical, inspired by Lisa Loeb’s own nostalgic summer camp memories, has an acoustic sound that will take you back to nights spent around the camp fire.